Skyrocket Your Socials: The 30 Day Content Challenge designed for Soulful Creatives |

30 Days To Grow Your Soulful Socials.


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30 Days To Grow Your Soulful Socials.


Join The Content Challenge

Skyrocket Your Socials: The 30 Day Content Challenge designed for Soulful Creatives |
Imagine if you had the next 30 days of content ready to go and strategically set up to grow your small biz? And... it took you less than 2 hours a week?
Imagine if you...

Could finally overcome the frustration of crafting the 'perfect' post, worrying about coming across too 'salesy' and instead, create content that truly resonates and connects.

Broke free from the endless cycle of comparing your social media presence to others, finding your unique voice and style that genuinely represents you.

Turned the hours spent agonising over what to post into an overflow of creative moments of inspiration, confidently sharing stories and ideas that engage and inspire your audience.
Get a done-for-you proven 30 day strategy to help you purposefully grow your socials and speak to the right audience
Take the guesswork out of what to post. Beautiful, on-brand Canva templates with daily prompts ready to go
Make an impact and not only grow your socials, but make meaningful connections with your audience on a heart-led level
This is for you if...
This challenge is for you if you often find yourself stuck in the cycle of trying to create perfect content, feeling overwhelmed by the endless need for fresh ideas and stunning visuals and realise you're spending way too much time on your socials.
You may feel uncomfortable with the idea of being the 'face' of your brand. This challenge is a game-changer if you, like many creative entrepreneurs, feel uneasy and dread filming video (That's right — no reels or Tik Toks in sight, just soulful, static content with high impact and cut-through).
Your social media doesn't reflect your creative soul: If your current social media presence doesn't quite capture the essence of your creativity and the depth of your soulful business, this challenge is designed to bridge that gap. We focus on authenticity and alignment, ensuring your socials truly resonate with your personal brand and vision.
This is for you if you feel like you're posting into the abyss, with no sense of connection to the people you're speaking to. Our daily prompts are crafted to spark meaningful conversations and connections, turning your social media into a vibrant community of engaged followers.
You feel overwhelmed by content creation
You're naturally an introvert and hate showing your face
Your social media doesn't reflect your creative soul
You're struggling to engage or understand your audience
Beyond providing visually stunning templates, we offer a comprehensive approach to social media strategy, tailored specifically for soulful creatives. We guide you on not only what to post, but also when and how to post it, ensuring that each piece of content aligns perfectly with your brand's message and resonates deeply with your audience. This holistic approach ensures that your social media efforts are not just visually appealing, but strategically sound, driving engagement, building your community, and enhancing your online presence.
Master the Art of Engagement with Content Strategy
Templates are great, but what about the strategy?
A template without a strategy is like a blank white canvas without any painting – it holds potential to house your ideas, but needs a thoughtful approach to truly bring your creative vision to life.
Set up your foundations
Design your strategy
Be guided with your content
Transform into a high converting, soulful post
Your Vogue DIY photoshoot, set your goals, do the inner work, master your mindset and create a winning profile.
A 30-day structured blueprint including posts, prompts the science + soul behind the sale, caption templates, and content guides.
Effortlessly match the visuals of your posts with pre-designed Canva templates to plug and play content in less than 5 mins a post.
Create your own strategy with frameworks to dive deep on the psychology of your audience, identify your content anchors and develop your brand identity.
Choose Your Style
Want a sneaky peek inside?
A powerful process to get clear on your audience, your messaging, voice, tone, content pillars and strategy based on your time, energy and financial availability.
Forget mechanical jargon and countless ship metaphors. Decrease your time on content by 50% using prompts and strategy that is actually useful and mimics your exact voice, tone and branding.
Stop staring at blank document wondering what to post. The only content prompts you need that perfectly balance sales psychology and proven marketing approaches with soulful, emotionally driven content that moves the hearts and minds of your reader.
Choose your vibe and energy, and get creating! Save hours of fine tuning pre-bought templates pixel-by-pixel that don't quite hit the mark in terms of quality and focus on levelling up your brand and the value your content provides.
Get equipped with a full brand kit which you can extend beyond your socials. If you don't already have a brand look and feel, these are perfect to easily create gorgeous digital products, workbooks, slides and other brand assets.
This is where we bring it all together and start growing your impact online. Each day receive an email with caption and template prompts for Instagram and Pinterest.
Post with purpose and eliminate social media overwhelm
Be guided to create your own strategy that is unique to your own soulful blueprint. Create your own rhythms, workflow and process, content anchors and brand identity.
3x the speed of your creation process without terrible metaphors and poor output
Sick of using ChatGPT for it only to spit out terrible, unusable content that sounds nothing like you? The secret is in the inputs and how you flip the narrative you feed to ChatGPT. Get the ChatGPT guide and prompts for each day of the 30 Day Challenge to reduce your content time by over 50%.
This might not be for you if:

This is for you if:
You're a creative individual, artist, small business owner, or freelancer eager to amplify your online presence (AND Don't actually love being on social media — you'd prefer to be doing something else!)

You find content creation overwhelming and hard, and you're looking for structured, daily guidance with someone to do the thinking part of creating for you

You want your social media to truly reflect your creative spirit and brand identity and cut through the noise

You're pressed for time and need efficient, yet effective content solutions

You prefer authentic engagement over constant self-promotion or face-focused content, and want to provide high quality content to your audience
You expect instant results with minimal effort or engagement

You already have a strategy that's working for your growth and you enjoy spending more than three hours a day in your business on content creation

You're looking for Tik Tok and Reels content / strategies or primarily video-based content that you can have a chat in, or you're naturally extroverted and find content creation easy

Your primary goal is immediate sales, not long-term brand building or audience engagement

You prefer to heavily rely on paid advertising rather than organic content strategies

You're not a creative, artist, or entrepreneur looking to authentically connect with your audience.
In a sea of noise online, sometimes you don't need to shout the loudest to be heard and seen. I'm a former journo (back in ancient times of magazines and sock buns), and have had the pleasure of watching this space shift and morph over the years.

I have helped brands and businesses find their voice and develop strategies that feel authentic to them while driving sales, purposeful outcomes and connecting with their soulmate clients. This has included building a community of over 25K followers in a previous business and building a global network of brand ambassadors.

Recently, I've started from scratch with She Glows Creative starting from the start, and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to cheer each other on and grow together! In the last month, I've seen my baby account grow by over 1K followers within 30 days through strategy and I want to support you to do the same!
Hi there! I love Content Strategy
Fall in love with creating content
How It Works
Sign up to the 30 Day Content Challenge
Yay! Let's get started. After you sign up, you'll receive an email with some details and to download The Foundations Playbook. This is some homework to get started on before the challenge begins.
We start on the 18th December. Mark your calendar
Keep an eye out on your inbox for details and some prep work prior to this. You will receive your login to the challenge a couple of days prior and gain access to your templates, prompts, strategy and the 30 day challenge.
Start posting, glowing and growing!
Each day you will receive an email with the challenge for the day with links to the caption and your templates. Don't worry — if you like to plan in advance you will receive all of this prior to each day, and you don't need to complete the challenge within the 30 days, you are welcome to go at your own pace.
Your Investment
The Foundations Playbook — set your vision, overcome mindset blocks, DIY your own photography shoot, set up your profile and get ready for the challenge
The Strategy— Develop your own tailored content process, workflow, content pillars, brand identity and content plan
The 30 Day Challenge— 30 days of posting prompts, caption templates and strategic formulas to drive engagement, connection and conversions
The Templates— Beautiful branded and fully customisable Canva templates ready to plug-and-play your own content
The Content Recipes — Over 100 content formulas with caption prompts designed to connect with soul and drive sales
The Brand Kit — Choose from three done-for-you brand kits to make your socials stand out in a feed

*Prices are in AU dollars *Approximately $165US
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