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NEWS ALERT: It's not money that's holding you back from launching

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Overcoming limiting beliefs about money when starting your business

Let’s talk about one of the biggest elephants in the entrepreneurial room—money. Yep, that sometimes elusive, sometimes abundant stuff that makes the world go round. If you’ve ever found yourself sweating bullets at the thought of starting your own business because of financial fears, you’re not alone. Grab a coffee (or your beverage of choice) and let’s dive into this with a story that might just resonate with you.

Meet Sarah

Sarah is a spirited and creative woman in her early thirties with a passion for all things design. She’s been dreaming of launching her own digital design business for years. You know, the kind where she gets to help other ambitious women create stunning brands without breaking the bank.
Sarah works a steady, albeit soul-sucking, 9-to-5 job. Every day, she commutes through rush hour traffic, daydreaming about a life where she’s her own boss, making a difference in the world of female entrepreneurs. But, like many of us, Sarah has a nagging voice in her head. A voice that constantly reminds her of her student loans, monthly bills, and that pesky fear of financial instability.
One rainy afternoon, while walking home from work after another presentation at work she had been dreading all week, Sarah bumps into a girl she used to go to school with. They excitedly exchange stories of what they've been up to, travel adventures they've been on and career pathways. Her old school friend shares how she started her freelancing writing business with just $500 and a lot of grit after leaving her corporate job as a copywriter. Inspired, Sarah starts to sketch out a plan for her own venture. But almost immediately, the doubt sets in.
“Can I really afford this?
What if I fail and lose all my money?
What if I can’t pay my rent?”
Sarah’s brain was doing cartwheels, juggling a multitude of financial fears. It’s a classic case of limiting beliefs around money—those pesky, irrational thoughts that hold us back more effectively than a broken bungee cord.

Money myths busted: three beliefs holding back your small business dreams

Just like Sarah, are you ready to turn those big, bold dreams into reality? Of course, you are! But there’s a good chance a few sneaky limiting beliefs are lurking in your mind, convincing you that success isn’t in the cards. Let’s shine a light on three of these myths that are stopping smart and creative small business owners like yourself from taking the leap or growing even further. Time to kick them to the curb.

Limiting belief # 1 — "I need loads of money to start"

Ever caught yourself thinking you need a dragon's hoard to start your dream business? Yeah, that's a myth as old as time! The truth is, many successful businesses started with very little cash. You don’t need to win the lottery or have a hefty trust fund to get going. It's all about being resourceful and smart with what you have.

Start small, think big. Use free or affordable tools and platforms to get your name out there. Collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs, barter services, or tap into your network for support. Remember, some of the most iconic businesses began in garages and basements, not with wads of cash but with brilliant ideas and a can-do attitude.

Limiting belief # 2 — "I need a flawless business plan before I start"

Ever caught yourself thinking you need a 100-page business plan worthy of a Fortune 500 company to start your dream business? Spoiler alert: you don’t! While having a plan is essential, waiting until it's perfect can keep you stuck in limbo.

Perfectionism can be paralysing. Start with a simple, flexible plan and adjust as you go. The most important thing is to begin. You'll learn and adapt far more from actually doing than from endless planning. Remember, many successful entrepreneurs started with a rough sketch on a napkin and figured out the details along the way.

Limiting belief # 3 — "I can't charge that much!"

Ah, the classic struggle. As a creative soul, you might feel guilty charging what you’re worth, worried that people will balk at your prices. But undervaluing your services can lead to burnout and a business that's barely scraping by.

Here’s the deal: pricing is all about value. Your skills, expertise, and the unique perspective you bring are incredibly valuable. Research your market, understand what others are charging, and position yourself confidently. Remember, you’re not just selling a product or service; you’re offering a solution, an experience, and results that your clients will love.

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