Awaken You

Creating your space and finding your way

Set up your space and your sessions. I invite you to dedicate at least 10-15 minutes a day to the practice.

1 | Choose a quiet and comfortable space

2 | Personalise your space and ground the senses

If you are choosing to listen to music as you journal, aim for instrumental music that has minimal or no lyrics in it. This impacts on a process within the brain called the phonological loop (responsible for language processing) and can interfere with your writing process.

3 | Secure your sacred journal

4 | Set an intention before each session

5 | Establish a regular practice and new habit

To get the most out of the program, I recommend committing an hour each month to participate in the monthly session and to listen to the meditation. You can do this at the start of each month in your own time, prior to starting the journal prompts. Following on from this, your journalling sessions can be adjusted to suit you, whether it's five minutes a day, or a full hour or two to take a deep dive.
It can take the body and mind 10-15 minutes to get into a flow state and for brainwaves to slow and relax us into a deeper, more connected state of mind. Take the time to relax into your practice, or if you feel agitated, unfocused or distracted, gently move through this by continuing on with journalling beyond this timeframe to reap the full benefits of journalling.