Awaken You

My professional background ( and a short disclaimer)

A little about me...

Ali is a highly skilled professional with a diverse background in psychology, journalism, consulting and business. With a Bachelor's degree in Behavioural Science Psychology from Flinders University, a Graduate Diploma in Journalism from the University of South Australia, and currently studying a Clinical Masters in Psychotherapy & Counselling from the Australian College of Applied Professions, Ali brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to her work.

Having accumulated 12 years of experience in media and marketing, Ali has a deep understanding of the creative industry and its challenges. Her passion for helping creatives heal and grow has led her to develop tailored programs and strategies that address the specific needs of those in the creative field.

Ali's integrative approach to creative and emotional problem solving combines her knowledge of psychology with her experience in business, enabling her to connect with clients on a profound level. Her compassionate nature and dedication to helping others transform their lives make her an exceptional guide for those seeking to overcome creative burnout, foster personal growth, and live a more purposeful life.

A short disclaimer...

Hey there! Just a quick reminder that our AwakenYou program is meant to provide you with some helpful information and inspiration, but it's not a replacement for professional therapy or mental health care. We're here to offer support, but we encourage you to chat with a qualified mental health professional, like a therapist or psychiatrist, to figure out what's best for you and your unique situation.

Everyone's journey is different, and it's important to make sure you're getting the care and guidance you need. So if you're feeling overwhelmed or struggling with mental health concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to a professional for personalised advice. Remember, we're all in this together, and your wellbeing is front and foremost.