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Making Magic — the consciousness of ideas — how to manifest an idea into reality

Spirituality + Life

Ideas — millions of them — run through the veins of the earth and in every vibration of the human soul. Your job is to simply tap into this magic.

Be receptive to ideas and listen to the whisper. Ideas may come knocking at your creative door — and YOU — need to be ready to receive.

When an idea comes bubbling to the surface of your visceral body, surrender and welcome it.
It may creep up on you slowly or have you bolting upright with unwavering clarity and a deeply resonating rush.

Accept an idea with gentle gratitude, acknowledgement and willingness.If the idea is not for you, thank it, acknowledge it and send it off into the world so it can break through into the physical world with another willing human. Allow the idea to float to its rightful soulful owner.

If it is your cup of tea, and you feel it in your body — tingling, pulsing and thrashing, then you my friend are ready to birth it into the world with courage and energy.