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'100 Loyal Fans' = a $100K business?!

Business Marketing
Trying to start and grow a business, especially in an area you're super passionate about can feel overwhelming, hard and competitive.

Have you ever felt like you have an amazing idea, only to start seeing it saturated in every news feed and in every digital corner you turn to?

Have you wanted to start the business of your dreams (you know the one...) — the one where you're waking up at 10am, coasting into the morning in nothing but your socks, Kanye cranked up to one hundred on the bluetooth, a spiced Chai Laaaar-tay in hand, while you pick your own hours and birds help you get ready, right?

But, no — in all seriousness, you're doing some deeply soulful work, working in your zone of genius, you find endless time passes while getting lost in what you're doing and you actually get paid for the things you feel immensely engaged in, only to have those dreams crushed by the overwhelming feeling of imposter syndrome and fear.

Have you experienced a spurt of inspiration or creative clarity and you're bursting at the seams to build something, make something or go to share your beautiful art with the world, ONLY to be struck dead in your tracks by Comparison-itis (yep, I'm gonna claim that one as a legitimate medical condition)?

All of a sudden you find yourself 2017 deep in a mindless scroll through another guru's socials, only to see thousands of followers, tons of engagement and a sense of impending doom and failure, before you've even picked up the digital paint brush.


I'm here to tell you that you DON'T need:

XThousands of followers
X A huge email list
X Tons of budget for paid ads
X Guru status

What you DO need, alongside some confidence in your ability, and a little (a LOT) of self-belief is this... 100 loyal, invested, raving fans.

You can build a thriving, abundant and expansive online business with just one hundred loyal, raving fans.

Let me repeat that for those in the back —

You can build a thriving, abundant and expansive online business with just one hundred loyal, raving fans.

Here's how it works and a few things to keep in mind as a talented, beautiful creator while trying to build a business.


Not everybody is going to love what you do.

The mistake we often make (ESPECIALLY as sensitive creatives) is try and make everybody like us.

We try to make our art to appeal to every body and create things that appears tasteful to the masses.

The truth is, not every body will connect with your unique message and mission in life.

Like the old addage says — you can be the sweetest, juiciest peach in the store, but not everybody is going to love peaches.

But girlfriend — please don't take that as a sign to try and make yourself an apple! You're already damn smoking, just as you are, right now in this very moment. As a peach.

When you show up uniquely, solely and unapologetically YOU, magic happens.

When you have the confidence to show up authentically and wholeheartedly yourself, you attract your soulmate clients and customers with total effortlessness, ease and flow.

You do not need thousands of followers to connect, serve and grow when you're just being yourself.

Connecting with your dream clients and customers that find value in what you do is much more important than the numbers of your social media.

Sure, in the realms of marketing, follower counts help with social proof and trust of your brand, however when it comes to your business, it's really just considered a vanity metric (more on vanity metrics later!) that doesn't actually contribute to your bottom line.

A raving fan is aligned, and loves everything you do and stand for.

A raving fan is simply a human that deeply connects and resonates with your message, your offering and who you are.

They align with your values, your quirks, your weirdness and as a creator, you know you can show up with 100% authenticity and confidence.

They will find value in what you offer the world, they're the cheerleaders, likers, followers, customers and the ones who will engage with your work, leave testimonials and share what you do with their friends and family.

Let's put things in perspective. One hundred raving, aligned, loyal and engaged fans looks like...

  • Five long tables at a function or wedding
  • A fully booked cafe or restaurant
  • A lecture theatre full of people
  • Two large coaches / buses
  • A socially distanced queue of over 100 metres

Have ten people in your audience? You've booked out an entire table at a cafe. What about 25? You've managed to fill an entire classroom!

In business, one hundred raving fans can convert to...

  • $500K for a one-on-one service that costs $5K
  • $100K for a $1K signature program or piece of work
  • $10K for a $100 program or product
  • $5K per month for a $50 monthly membership
  • $1K per week for a $10 per week membership

You don't need thousands of customers or clients to build a viable and thriving business, but the deep nurturing of one hundred people who love your work and love what you do.

You've got this girlfriend.